About Us

Orbit is owned and operated by professionals with experience meeting practice needs for both large and small providers. We provide billing and AR management, revenue reporting, assistance with policy and procedures, new programs development, credentialing and insurance enrollment, elgibility and authorizations, and healthcare auditing requirements. We aid providers in building quality assurance and program integrity within their practice. We help providers overcome obstacles that commonly limit financial success, resulting in increased revenue.

We work with providers to recognize and reduce inefficient business processes. Orbit provides a one-stop shop for administrative functions for medical and behavioral health practices. Constant changes in these fields nationwide have provided Orbit the opportunity to assist providers in creating new and innovative programs.

Kathy Griffin

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  • Kathy Griffin, a graduate of Campbell University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Programming, has worked in the Reimbursement and Finance Management arena since 1998. Kathy's career started as a Data and Reimbursement Analyst for the State of North Carolina. While in this position, she was introduced to Federal and State funding streams, federal level policies and procedures, and clinical protocol requirements for funding. Kathy's motivation to learn and ability to assimilate the information effectively boosted her to a member of leadership. There, she led both in planning and development of early electronic health records, patient data reporting systems, grant funding reports, utilization management systems, and many additional facets of management systems at state and local levels. After serving as a Billing Manager for the state LME and later in the private sector, Kathy began to see that the funding demands put in place by local, state, and federal payers was taking a toll on providers and leading many providers to question their ability to be as effective, while trying to balance the business demands placed on them by funding sources. With that burden on providers in mind, Kathy co-started Orbit Billing Solutions in 2007, to provide relief to providers by optimizing their reimbursement using a full circle solution for business and reimbursement functions. Kathy is also a national CARF surveyor and is very passionate about delivering quality services to allow providers confidence that their focus can remain on clinical care. 

Mary Bates

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  • Mary Bates has worked in the Behavioral Health field since 1996, when she began interning at a Day Treatment facility while in undergrad at Valdosta State University. During her Master’s program, Mary worked on an inpatient behavioral health unit providing therapeutic services including group therapy and safety monitoring. Upon finishing her MS in Professional Counseling, Mary began providing outpatient therapy for a local mental health facility in Georgia. It was during that time that Mary began gravitating towards the business side of providing services. In 2002, Mary formally began combining her clinical expertise with business management including authorizations and billing/reimbursement of services. In 2007, Mary co-started Orbit Billing Solutions to provide solutions service providers can depend upon.