Pricing is Based on Services Provided

  • Administration Services

  • Bookkeeping/Payroll Services

  • Customized Productivity Reporting

  • Customized Financial Reports

  • Workflow and Operational

  • Full Service Financials

  • Management Consulting with
    CPA's, MD's, PH.D.'s

  • Credentialing Services

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  • Billing Services

  • Proven Billing and Collections Results

  • Affordable Electronic Claims Software

  • Pricing Contract Options

    Monthly Fee Arrangement

    Per Claim Charge

    Per Program Paid Percentage

  • Based on Programs Below:


    Outpatient, Licensed Providers billing multiple insurances

    Innovations Waiver,
    Providers for Daily Services

    Residential Service Providers

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  • Accreditation Services

  • Policy Guideline Requirements

  • National Accreditation Consultants

  • Quality Assurance Check-ups

  • Policy & Procedure Development
    and Maintenance

  • Training on Policies and Procedures

  • Self Study Readiness

  • Assistance with Program
    Outputs & Outcomes

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